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'consisting of three in one'

Triune Productions, Inc is a tri-unity: Art - Tech - Service

Triune Video was founded in March of 2017 by Adam Sivertsen in a suburb of Los Angeles when he made the leap into full time live-event video production. We grew quickly into a team of creative, technical, service-minded production nerds building LED walls, projection mapping, running multi-camera shows, and live streaming. We committed ourselves to hard work and a dedication to quality production. This year we made the move to the greater Nashville area where we hope to see greater growth opportunities and where we will continue to provide live video production excellence. We do still service the Los Angeles area.


We are excited to constantly and consistently earn our place as Your Live Video Partner.

FAQ: Our founder is also a theology nerd. Our name "Triune" takes after the triune nature of God -  God is 3 in 1 - "tri"(3) + "unity"(1), God the Father, God the Spirit, and God the Son; 3 persons, yet 1 in nature; all three distinct persons, yet all three fully unified as one God.


Triune Productions is meant to be a tri-unity : artistry, technical ability, and humble service - all three distinct, yet unified to provide the very best production. Our name reflects this driving vision.

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